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"Loot" Cabinet enterprises under transition?

Cabinet industry are elements of "loot"

The upper reaches of the real estate industry and are still in the high-growth era, the major real estate group will still opt to store the channel rather than the electrical contractor, changed into the present community and the environment, resulting in a collective "neglected" situation. In addition to the changes in the real estate industry, cabinet industry feel the most is "robbed" hardcover of real estate market extends to furniture, building materials, home improvement company packing scheme, drapery company total kitchen solution, designers, and so on, through the different links and ways to preempt traditional cabinet market, the situation is extremely complex.

One might think of the rapid growth in recent years of "custom cabinetry", Chinese "custom" fire, the crux of the problem is the architectural, interior design, cabinet design before the lack of uniform standards. More and more real estate companies promoting "residential" hardcover ", because that can reduce costs, improve efficiency, win-win cooperation. Retail channels for traditional cabinet faces a huge challenge in recent years, the Terminal sells the shop rate, traffic, the price index even fell three, obviously the owners were triaged. Here in addition to the previously mentioned upstream channel cross-border robberies, but growth is one of the reasons for the new channels, such as cabinets. Actually, Cabinet is not terrible, terrible is that do not comply with the time change, Internet is an inevitable trend, "Internet +" as "+ Internet" so far this year, many companies have achieved good results.