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Clean up to teach you a whole wardrobe clean

Keep doors clean, no debris in orbit, dust. Cleaning available half wet rag and wipe the Cabinet, doors, do not use corrosive cleaning agents. Tracks dust with a vacuum cleaner or small brush to clean, frames, levers and other metal parts with a dry cloth. Heavy and sharp drop should be prevented from touching track, scratch the Cabinet body and door panels, Cabinet edges cannot touch water and other liquid solvents, to avoid falling off edge. Its breathable or regular use of desiccant to avoid cabinets, clothes damp bacteria. Use less chemical fragrances for the wardrobe in addition to taste, because they are likely to cause damage to the material. Wooden wardrobe you can usually use a clean cloth to wipe, if there is dirty, you can consider using SOAP and water or a neutral detergent, wipe with a damp cloth.