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Modern stainless steel kitchen cabinets and metallic after more advanced

Stylish kitchen leading Panel

Cabinet Panel materials are rich and varied, including solid wood, lacquered, laminate, Melamine plates, glass plates, stainless steel sheet metal, stone and so on. Most commonly used are melamine panels, because of its affordable price strong resistance, so is widely used. Solid wood eco-friendly, and loved by the people, the higher the price, use less crowds. Stainless steel sheet metal color and less of an old kitchen. Glass and stone panels are the trend of the preferred color varied, creative and artistic effect.

Solid color panels pay attention to textures

Lots of neat housewives like to choose a solid color Panel, the whole Cabinet, island and high cabinets all use the same color, looks simple and clean, but asked the Cabinet has the sense of convergence between, such as the marble texture, high over the Groove, can make a solid color Panel looks more refined.