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Power in the Cabinet by "classical fashion portfolio"

"Classical • fashion woman dynamic music combination" referred to (classical • fashion combination) is a set classical music, and national music and popular music, more elements of music performances combination, it put classical music in the that luxury beautiful of Melody with modern music in the of that endowed with appeal of rhythm clever of contact in with again through hi-tech times Xia produced of electric violin, and electric cello, and flute, organic of combined, perfect deduction has a new concept of fashion classical music. Power law Cabinet is always fashion-forward in design, have released several classical fashion as one Cabinet, now we feel.


This is a powerful European-style retro style solid wood products--Venice. Light columns modeling, wave handmade glass wall cabinets, gleaming with city charm everywhere. Full products adopt Italy imported door, European Linden wood textures and borders 45 degree Splice, is stable and the atmosphere. Retro smoking Cabinet, white quartz sand basins, the kitchen add a warm and romantic atmosphere. Open dish holder, curved glass wall cabinets, plus bronze-printing handle inlaid ornament, so that the whole space is filled with noble classical charm.