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Doll Operating Buses As Desk Users Lamented That "the Year Is Quite Hard"

"Little green" said a little after 4 o'clock in the afternoon, her bus 20 buses, boys at okurayama cinema near the car, the car sat near the back door soon after, pulled out a homework exercise books seriously, taijiang, Palace Station, get off at the boy pick up homework. There are many students on the bus, some old people speak highly of the boy on the bus.

"Little green" said, she saw the child race against homework, could not help but think of myself as a child, "think now a lot of pressure, they filmed this scene, to feeling like on Twitter".

Photo aroused heated discussion on the Internet. Many users feeling, now pupils stressed, have to seize the time to write on my way home. Netizen "mirror-" say, I was on the bus to do his math homework, is also hard. User "mumu-Murong" is suspected, the child is supposed to save time, finish the home games.