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Supermarket Shopping Cart "bites" 2 Boys Left Foot

Shopping at the supermarket, parents pushing a shopping cart, and sit baby in the car scenes are common. This shopping cart with a baby seat, many parents are very convenient, but the hidden safety problems are often ignored. Recently, the Auchan supermarket in the urban areas such a thing happens, a little boy's ankles were less than 2 years old cards shopping cart, finally rescued in fire fighters with the help of.

15:45 the South Lake fire brigade a secret Squadron after receiving the alarm, 5 people and 1 car rushed to the scene immediately. "Was near the checkout in the supermarket, many people in the crowd. Child's left foot was stuck in the gaps before the cart child seat (the seat is made of plastic material), parents and children are more agitated. "Firefighters told reporters they appease adult and children's emotions at that time, cut through the insulation cut. About 2 minutes later, the child success off the hook. "In fact, the police rescue number. Visible, let the child sit in the shopping cart is sometimes not as safe and secure as parents imagine, many of the details if I don't notice it will produce a lot of unexpected trouble, or even cause harm to children. "Firefighters said.